Young Volunteers Dig Deep To Protect Woodland

Hello, our names are Adam Boyd and Kira Lundy and we have been going down to Kilsyth Woodland Centre to help clear out and refurbish the newly adopted woodland area. We have had an amazing time working with the kids and Wildside in Scotland Director, Judi Legg. We enjoyed taking time out of our Thursday afternoons to go down, put on our boots and help make, what was once an idea when we were in Kilsyth Primary, a reality.

We have learned many skills and things over the four months that we have been volunteering (including how to make the best hot chocolate).  We feel this has been really valuable in helping make a once overgrown and litter strewn area, a haven for kids and adults alike.  It is now a place to learn about the environment, our cultural heritage and have a good time making fires, sharpening tools, clearing weeds and improving the habitat. There are also fantastic learning resources that the Centre offers. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to achieve our Saltire Awards and it has been a real pleasure to help Judi and the good people at Wildside in Scotland take care of this beautiful and stimulating area for people to use.