CPD-Loose Materials for Senior Managers £40 + VAT

21st May 2018 - 4PM - 6PM

Loose materials for Senior Management
Policy & Practice—How loose materials can put the play back into school playgrounds’ 
Is your playground more sterile than you would like?
Are your staff uncertain as to their role outdoors?
Does the outdoor environment invite deep engagement: opportunities for experiment and invention, creativity and construction, dreams and surprise……?
This training is for headteachers and senior management and will support schools to use loose materials to put the play back into school playgrounds’.
The course will focus on:
The nature of play and the relevance of the playground to the curriculum, nurture programmes and whole school culture
How to support the role of adults in facilitating play using loose materials, and the context of values and attitudes.
Policy and training needs including support in risk/benefit assessment and communication of a bespoke play policy

A sustainable approach to the practicalities of looking after and storing a wide range of loose materials, securing new materials and introducing change and variety.

This CPD session continues the work and progress NLC have made including the “This is Like a Building Site” programme (report and dvd of that name available online).

Wildside Adventures Ltd also provides in depth programmes of support in this area of work, in your own setting, including hands on practical support in accessing materials and staffing initial play sessions. More info on application.


North Lanarkshire teachers should book through the CPD Manager

All courses 4pm – 6pm