Announcing Dig Deep: A New ‘Design & Build’ Natural Play Service

Together we are proud to make something different – green spaces with character that engage their users and whose starting point is children’s play and outdoor learning.

We are excited to announce a new opportunity for schools across Scotland. A project collaboration between Judi Legg, WILDSIDE DESIGNS & PLAYLINK Associate, and Clydesdale Community Initiative (CCI).

Following the widely-acclaimed success of their work together on the Scottish Government Play Project (Grounds for Learning), this new collaborative service is now available to schools across Scotland as a ‘one-stop-shop’ route to transforming school grounds for learning and play. By combining tailored and bespoke design with high-quality delivery of landscape works, we can provide:

  • High quality “learning and natural play landscapes” and bespoke features which create an invitation for children to engage, discover, create, construct and invent.
  • The expertise to ensure that schemes are negotiated with all relevant local authority services: health & safety requirements, asset management and maintenance.
  • Options to energise children, staff and the wider school and community through involvement in construction works and with a focus on developing skills for learning, life & work.
  • Supervised work experience placements for teams of secondary pupils, where possible in our delivery schemes.

To find out more please CLICK HERE or contact Judi : 01786 462745,  or email