About Us


Too often public play areas and school grounds are uninspiring, ghettoised, formulaic and designed for low maintenance. We work with clients from local authorities to small community groups to make something different – play spaces with character that engage their users and whose starting point is children’s play.


Judi Legg is a play space designer with a background in education, environment and theatre who for 20 years has been involved in the design, development and use of a wide range of public outdoor spaces for learning and play across the UK.


Sue Gutteridge was a senior local authority manager in the field of children’s play who along with Judi developed innovative approaches to the design and maintenance of parks, play areas and school playgrounds and to meaningful engagement with communities, including their children and young people. Their joint work at Stirling Council features strongly in Play England’s influential publication Design for Play: A guide to creating successful play spaces. Sue and Judi are also associates of play and leisure consultancy PLAYLINK and freelance consultants.