Kilsyth Woodland Centre

Adventure Play, Forest Schools & Community Growing

The beautiful woodland at Low Craigends Road is now formally part of Kilsyth Primary School grounds, and the school in partnership with Wildside Scotland is now working with the local community to offer a wealth of opportunities:

  • Community Woodland & Community Growing
  • Adventure Play sessions
  • Team Building and Digital Detox
  • Outdoor Learning and Teacher Training
  • Woodland Arts workshops
  • Bushcraft and Family events
  • School visits

In School

The woodland provides a rich context for learning and play for Kil-syth Primary children, who are playing a lead role in managing and developing the woodland. All areas of the curriculum are being delivered with hands on expe-riences outdoors and the children learn about the important role of woods in Kil-syth’s past, present and future. CPD training in Outdoor Learning is delivered at the Centre for teaching staff across North Lanarkshire and provides rich curricu-lum resources and advice for schools.

Out of School

A community social enterprise is working in the woods and establishing a polytunnel Tree Nursery and affordable salad veg for the local community. Woodland Adventure Play sessions are delivered in partnership with Kilsyth Kids Club after school and at Woodland Holiday Clubs. Join our weekly Volunteer Team and develop your land management or growing skills.

We believe that play spaces should be places of experiment and invention, creativity and construction, dreams and surprise… nothing less will do.

Wildside Scotland is a social enterprise dedicated to practical action with children, the environment and community greenspace. We specialise in outdoor adventure playgrounds, Forest School education and outdoor learning. Wildside Designs is our landscape design company delivering public greenspace, school grounds, heritage park and play area designs UK wide. We are an associate of PLAYLINK and offer training and advice in managing risk in play provision. We also undertake build projects with our partners CCI.

Kilsyth Primary School has been developing their outdoor teaching and school grounds for several years and is now established as a Forest School. The school specialises in working with loose materials—pallets, planks, rods, tarpaulins, crates, small world, dinosaurs, tractors, pulleys, rope, bricks etc -which support deep and engaged learning and play. The grounds now have a sand and water area, a mud kitchen and a tree nursery as well as an outdoor cabin, workshop and teaching circles. You can see more of our work on our blog:

CLICK HERE for events dates and details or phone 07926 169765

Bookings/more info: To book or find out more please contact Kilsyth Primary School on 01236 632094 or Judi Legg at Wildside on 07926 169765.